Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq

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Lifelight Productions and Publications® has for sale CDs from the group Fuasi & Ensemble as well as published compositions of manuscripts which are registered with us.

If you are interested in having any CD sent to you
by post you can reach me at
fuasi7@gmail.com and you will be given
Details how and where to send the money order.

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The CDs which are available to you now are:

Fuasi & Ensemble
This is the first CD from the group which
began there „live recording“ tradition
of which the group is well known for.
It was recorded in Berlin, Germany
at the Atrane Jazz Club and the Quasimodo.

FuasimodoRings4 webpage

Fuasimodo Rings A Bell
This is the second CD from the group
that has become a hit on the tour circuit
in Germany,Poland and Spain.
This CD or individual tracks are
available from
cdbaby.com or Amazon.de


En El Central
This is the groups third CD which was
recorded and released in Madrid, Spain
where they have performed numerous
times in the last 12 years. This production
was recorded in Café Central for the INGO Music label.


The Latin Jazz Connection
This is the groups fourth CD which was
recorded in 2006 in Berlin at the Quasimodo.
The band plays a variety of latin dance rhythms,
adding Puerto Rican plenas to the ever-popular
Cuban beats, together with the improvisational
influences of the African-American art form so-
called Jazz.

The Abakuá
This is the groups latest release and the first
to be recorded in a studio.
On this CD, Fuasi
has 12 musicians supporting artist from the
U.S, Germany, Poland and Africa. The selected
tracks, all original, vary from "straight ahead"
swinging pieces to Latin influenced tracks
to African influence "world music" tracks.
He is performing on tenor sax, soprano sax,
flute as well as vocals and various percussions.
This CD is available on cdbaby.com or Amazon.de