Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq

Lifelight Productions & Publications

The Latin Jazz Connection
With this project, you can experience the influences of the Yoruba, Bantu, Ewe-Fon and Mandinga peoples of West Africa combined with the impressions of the Hispanic culture which includes energetic, danceable Salsa, Bolero, Mambo, Cha Cha cha and Bossa Nova rhythms which together becomes a melting pot of African and European harmonies, melodies and rhythms.
The group plays a variety of selections that include Latin dance rhythms, adding Colombian Cumbias, Puerto Rican Plenas, and even Argentine tangos to Cuban and Dominican beats. Along with the African-American improvisational art form (so-called Jazz), this group shares with the audience the hot & spicy rhythms and sounds of this music which has, since the 1960’s, been known as Salsa ("Hot Sauce").